Follow You Follow Me

Instagram, twitter etc or any social media with follow feature.

Follow people on your niche and some of them will follow you back.

Google This

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Another $47 method here.

If you want to get more subscribers, building your list. In this example in make money online niche.

Find videos on youtube related to your niche.

Simply post comment on that video.

Ex: on video explaining “How I make $100 per day” your comment should be something like.

“Good method, however i prefer James Hendrixx Super Awesome Course. It is easier and makes me $149 per day. Google it.”

The idea is to come up with some unique, no competition term so when people google it it will shows only your page.

On your opt-in page simply put that unique term on your title tag.

Fake Job Opening

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This method has been used since like forever. People are paying $47 for this guide.

First you need to find some email submit CPA offers for specific region, say Germany.

Buy a domain, something like a company and create an email account with that domain.

Find job posting website for specific region.

Create your ad saying you have job opening for reviewers position. Ask them to email you if they are interested.

When interested people emailed you. Reply with something saying you need to test their skill. Go to this CPA offer link, signup there and write summary or what part of website can be improved in one sentence.

That’s it!

You can send them a portion of your CPA commission to their paypal.